Ati EDGE and the Shadowbirds (Hungary)

Europe, UK

Attila Illes

About the band:
For fans of garage rockabilly and wild rock and roll. “Ati EDGE and the Shadowbirds” is a solo project of official GRETSCH Guitars endorser, singer/guitarist of “The Silver Shine”. Ati EDGE toured worldwide with his bands in 34 countries including North America, Brazil and almost all the countries in Europe. Ati EDGE works with several upright bass players and enthusiastic drummers and always hit the stage as a trio. The band is working on their 3rd album what will be out in 2020. Since they started the band in 2007 they played some awesome festivals like Ukrabilly Bang in Kiev, Psychobilly Meeting in Spain, Rockabilly Bombardment in Austria, Stompin’ in France or Bedlam Breakout in the UK.

Video Links:
– Rockabilly Boogie
– No Sleep Tonight
– Kustom Kulture Baby
– I’m Coming Home
– Let The Guitar Keep On Playin’