The Rocketz (USA)

Europe, UK

Attila Illes

About the band:
Southern California, Power Trio, The Rocketz, are a blend of high energy rockabilly and punk rock. This U.S. trio have been touring and headlining shows and festivals since 2009! Featuring Gretsch Artist and front man, Tony Red-Horse who will lead you through a rock and roll rollercoaster of songs about life both good times and bad! Lalo Soto powers through the songs on the upright bass, slappin the crowd into a frenzy and adding a solid backbone of bass lines to each song. Signed to Splatterhouse Wreckords and blazing a trail cross the U.S., catch The Rocketz in your town soon!


Video Links:
– Sleepin In Your Arms
– East L.A.
– Label On The Bottle
– Before The Night
– K.I.L.L.I.N.G


Upcoming shows: