The Silver Shine (Hungary)


Attila Illes

About the band:
The Silver Shine is a Hungarian vintage punk rock and roll/punkabilly band that has been around since 2004. They have released 10 albums and rocked worldwide audiences in 34 countries including North America, Brazil, almost all the countries in continental Europe from Turkey to England and from Portugal to Russia. They have several videos on youtube over million views. Their musical recipe is: vintage punk rock and roll, punkabilly, a thunder-handed female upright bassist and influences from bands like Social Distortion, Living End, Joan Jett and the legendary Motorhead. The band’s guitarist, Ati Edge is endorsed by the 130 years old, legendary Gretsch Guitars. Their 10th record titled „Reloaded” came out in 2017 and they are working on their upcoming album what will be out during the Spring of 2020. Don’t let the upright bass fool you… they play hard and loud punk rock and roll!!! 🙂

Video Links:
– Angels to Some
– Anyhow
– Please Tell Me
– Jolene (Dolly Parton cover)
– In the Middle of Nowhere